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The NHS commissions 26 GP practices in Kingston to providing free primary care health services for local residents. These practices are now working together as the Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group.

When it’s not an emergency, your GP is the best port of call for most health enquiries.

How can I find a GP?

To find a practice enter your postcode into our primary care service finder on the home page.

You should usually be registered with a GP to get an appointment, with the exception of walk-in centres.

List of Kingston area GPs

How do I register?

If you are not registered with a GP, you can sign-up with a local GP practice.

You do not have to provide ID when registering with a GP, but it is helpful to do so.  It is helpful if you can provide at least one of the following documents when registering with a GP:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • HC2 certificate
  • Rough sleepers' identity badge
  • Hostel registration/mail forwarding letter


Who can register with a GP?

Anyone who is legally and ordinarily resident in the UK can register with a GP. 

If you have come to the UK from abroad you will normally have to have been resident for a period of a year.

Out of hours

If you feel unwell when your GP surgery is closed you should call your GP surgery for an emergency contact number or alternatively call NHS 111.

Are there walk-in GP services?

There are two local walk-in centres at Teddington Memorial Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital.

Visit our walk-in centres page for more information or view our Not always A&E guide.

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