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Kingston Care Passport

All GP Practices in Kingston, along with Your Healthcare Community Services; South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust; and Kingston Hospital NHS Trust have agreed to share information electronically to create a single view of a patient’s health record.

This record is called the Kingston Care Passport (KCP) and is designed so that professionals can access an electronic summary of a patient’s health record with accurate, up-to-date information to make sure they provide the best possible care for people registered to a GP in Kingston.

Why have we developed the KCP?

To help clinical staff, we have developed the KCP, which takes information from several healthcare systems within Kingston to create a combined health record that can be viewed wherever patients are being treated.

Healthcare staff who require access to a record, must have a patient’s permission to do so, unless there is an urgent clinical need, e.g. an emergency or they are too ill to be asked.

What are the benefits of the KCP

Improved access to patient health information across multiple providers will lead to:

  • Better and faster clinical decisions which means you will be treated quicker and will be back home faster
  • You won’t be asked the same questions over and over again
  • It’s safer because clinicians have all of your information e.g any allergies you have, or medications you are on
  • It reduces the chances of errors being made
  • An improved patient journey because the different care providers know what your preferences are

Who uses the KCP?

Only staff directly involved in your care can access your record, for example your GP, hospital doctor, mental health practitioner or community care worker. Staff not involved in your care will not be able to access your record.

All staff are trained in data protection and maintaining the privacy of your information.

What information is available in the KCP from clinical systems?

The KCP provides a summary record of your care; it contains only part of the information held by GPs. If applicable, it may hold information from community health, mental health and Kingston Hospital. Depending on how much care a patient has received, the amount of information will vary, but will normally include information about allergies, medication, diagnoses, tests and treatments.

What can a patient do if they do not want their records viewed by a clinician?

There are a number of options: 

  1. You can decline at the point of your care. If you do not want a clinician to view your record, simply decline when asked for your consent to access your record. This allows your record to be available only in an emergency. The system is designed so that it has to ask for consent and record your response. You therefore have control as to who sees your information.
  1. If you do not want to have your information shared at all: you can opt-out by completing a short form and giving it to your GP surgery. You must provide proof of your identity and place of residence. Once you have opted out your record is completely deleted from the Kingston Care Passport system.

Please note that opting out altogether may mean that, in an emergency, clinicians may not have up to date information to provide you with the best possible treatment.

If, at a later date, you wish to opt-in, then you can complete an opt-in form and give it to your GP surgery.

If, however, you are happy for your information to be shared on Kingston Care Passport, then you do not need to do anything.

Please note: all patients who have opted out of the Summary Care Record or similar will AUTOMATICALLY be opted out of the Kingston Care Passport and their data shall not be shared. If these patients wish to be included in sharing their information via the Kingston Care Passport they will have to “opt in” by filling in the OPT IN FORM and being coded as such on their record (please see the Opt-In Form).

What does it mean if I do not have a KCP?

Healthcare staff treating you may not be aware of your current medications in order to treat you safely and effectively. They may not be aware of your current conditions and/or diagnoses leading to a delay or missed opportunity for correct treatment.

Healthcare staff may not be aware of any allergies/adverse reactions to medications and may prescribe or administer a drug/treatment with adverse consequences.

If you DO NOT want a Kingston Care Passport please complete the Opt Out form and hand it in or send it to your GP practice.

Where can I get more information?

If you or your patients would like more information please contact Customer Care on:


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Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group, Guildhall, Kingston, KT1 1EU
Tel: 020 8339 8000 or email communications@kingstonccg.nhs.uk

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