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Breaking down barriers during Learning Disability Week

Breaking down barriers during Learning Disability Week
13 June 2017

19th to 25th of June

Healthcare professionals and employers in Kingston are urged to consider how they can improve the lives of people with a learning disability during Learning Disability Week. The awareness week aims to remove the barriers faced by people with a learning disability to ensure they enjoy the same quality of life as the population as a whole.

According to Public Health England, people with learning disabilities have poorer health than the general population, much of which is avoidable. These health inequalities often start early in life and can result from barriers they face in accessing timely, appropriate and effective health care. Kingston GP's would like to remind you that you are entitled to an annual health check with your GP surgery. Mencap is using this year’s Learning Disability Week to urge employers Kingston to think about the benefits of employing people with a learning disability - both for the person with a learning disability and also for the organisation in which they work. The charity notes that in London, fewer than 8 per cent of adults known to have a learning disability are in paid employment – and this is the highest in the UK.


Dr. Naz Jivani local GP and CCG Clinical Chair said: “People with learning disabilities have the same rights to health, employment and a quality of life as does the population as a whole. I encourage all health and business partner organisations to make it a priority to reduce inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities.”


During the week Mencap will share:

  • the thoughts and experience of people with a  learning disability who are in paid work
  • research that highlights the benefits of employing people with a learning disability
  • employers’ experiences of working with people with a learning disability.


According to Mencap, benefits to a business include:

  • high quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard-working
  • demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.


National resources include:

Mencap employers’ resources [online] at:  https://www.mencap.org.uk/learning-disability-explained/resources-employers


Skills for Health learning disabilities competence framework [online] at: http://www.skillsforhealth.org.uk/services/item/449-learning-disabilities


Mencap Learning Disability Week resources [online] at: https://www.mencap.org.uk/get-involved/learning-disability-week-2017


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