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Kingston CCG email addresses have changed

Kingston CCG email addresses have changed
08 November 2017

This is an important message for anyone who has tried to contact us by email since Friday 3 November. Due to changes with our email systems, we may not have received all emails addressed to the communications mailbox (communications@kingstonccg.nhs.uk ).  Please could we ask you to re-send your message to our new communications inbox which is:



If you have us on your mailing list or regularly contact a member of CCG staff, please update your records with this change of email. 

These changes have happened in order to support greater collaboration between clinical commissioning groups in south west London.  

Kingston CCG is an early adopter of this change and effective Monday 6 November 2017 all of our email addresses became @swlondon.nhs.uk 

Note, the first part of the email address ie the persons name, remains in the same format - only the second part of the email address has changed.  


All Kingston CCG email addresses now read - @swlondon.nhs.uk





Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group, 2nd floor, Thames House,
180 High Street, Teddington, TW11 8HU
Tel: 020 39419900
Email: kingstonccg.communications@swlondon.nhs.uk

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