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World Cancer Day 2018

World Cancer Day 2018
02 February 2018

'We can. I can’ is the rallying cry of World Cancer Day on Sunday February 4, 2018, highlighting what we can do collectively and individually to tackle one of the biggest killers in the UK.

More than 160,000 people die of cancer every year but twice that number survives as understanding and treatment of the 100 plus types of cancer increases.

More than 690 people are annually diagnosed in Kingston. Breast, bowel and lung cancer are among the most prevalent.

Smoking (13.8%) and obesity (29.7%) in the borough are both lower than the national average reflecting the two biggest preventable causes of cancer.

Small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference over time.  We encourage all Kingston residents to take a moment and look ahead to ten or twenty years and see whether they have any habits today, such as smoking, lack of exercise or a poor diet, that could be detrimental to their future health.  There is lots of support out there.

The earlier we catch cancer, the better the chance of survival.  Men are the biggest culprits for ignoring that something isn’t right so seek advice from your GP if you have any doubts.

Screening remains one of the best ways to catch cancer early and Kingston is committed to ensuring 75% of people eligible for bowel cancer screening are checked compared to the current uptake of 56%). 

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