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Medicines waste campaign

Medicines Waste Campaign

Making sure medicines are prescribed and used effectively is a key priority for Kingston CCG. The CCG has a dedicated medicines management team working closely with pharmacies and health practitioners to ensure patients get the right medication for their needs.

Kingston CCG has launched a campaign aimed at reducing unnecessary medicines waste across Kingston.

Wasted medicines cost the NHS in London an estimated £39.4 million every year – and £1.3 million across Kingston alone. People may also be putting their health at risk by not taking their medicine as intended.

Posters and leaflets have been displayed in pharmacies and GP practices to raise awareness of medicine waste among people.  The campaign encourages patients to have regular reviews of their medicines and to discuss any issues they may have with their medication with their GP, nurse or pharmacist.

The campaign, launched by Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), calls upon patients and carers to:

  • Only order what they need

  • Return their unwanted medicines to their pharmacy for safe disposal

  • Take their medicines with them when they go into hospital

It is estimated that at any one time £90 million worth of unused prescription medicines are being retained in individuals' homes across the UK. With a few simple considerations, patients could help save the NHS millions each year.

Across Kingston approximately £1.3 million could potentially be saved through better medicines management

This could be spent on:

  • 200 more hip replacements OR

  • 140 more heart by-pass operations OR

  • 1400 cataract operations OR

  • 30 more community nurses OR

  • 180 more knee replacements

View the only order what you need leaflet

View all the 'only order what you need' campaign materials at www.medicinewaste.com


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