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Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity

The Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights are central to the way we commission and deliver healthcare services and how we support our staff. Our aim is to reduce inequalities in health and health care for people in Kingston.

As commissioners we must ensure our plans demonstrate our aims to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination,
  • Advance equality of opportunity and
  • Foster good relations

Working with NHS Kingston we have taken forward key areas of work to promote equality, meet the needs of different groups, including minority ethnic people, disabled people, women, men and transgender people, people of different ages, lesbian, gay and bi-sexual people, those with different religions and beliefs and those who are disadvantaged.

Equality analysis

We are committed to promoting good health and reducing health inequalities for everyone living in the borough regardless of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership.To turn this vision into reality, we are determined to promote equality of access and identify and eliminate any discrimination in what we do.

We carry out equality analysis as an integral part of our projects. Equality assessments are a systematic method to assessing the effects of core functions, policies and activities on people depending on their protected characteristic. Completed equality assessments can be downloaded from the column on the right hand side of this page.

Public sector equality duty

The Public Sector Equality Duty consists of a general duty, which is set out in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, and specific duties which are imposed by secondary legislation.

The general equality duty came into force 6 April 2011. The specific duties requires NHS Kingston (NHSK) to publish relevant, proportionate information, demonstrating their compliance with the Equality Duty by 31st January 2012 and to set themselves specific measurable equality objectives by 6th April 2012. NHS Kingston has met both of these duties. Please see links below.

NHS equality delivery system

The Equality Delivery System has been designed as an optional tool to support NHS commissioners and providers to deliver better outcomes for patients and communities and better working environments for staff, which are personal, fair and diverse. It will help ensure that everyone has a voice in how organisations are performing and where they could and should improve. This has been supported by Sir David Nicholson NHS Chief Executive and Chair of NHS Equality & Diversity Council.

The NHS has been sponsored and supported by the Equality and Diversity Council (EDC) to develop the EDS for the NHS.

The EDS will support NHS organisations to drive up equality performance and embed equality into mainstream NHS business. It has been designed to help NHS organisations, in the current and new NHS structures, to meet the requirements of the public sector Equality Duty.

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