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Engaging our communities

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Community outreach

We regularly visit community groups and organisations to listen to people about their experiences of local services and give them the opportunity to shape future services. Through our outreach we have had meaningful conversations with local communities who do not always feel their voice is heard or face specific barriers to being involved in our work.

We have also worked with local people to ensure they had the opportunity to help shape wider south west London commissioning programmes where we are working with our neighbouring CCGs in south west London. 

When considering the priority groups for our community outreach we use insight from equality and health inequality impact assessments and data from our borough’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) particularly around health inequalities.

If you know of a group who would like to have their say on local health services, please get in touch at


Where have we been?

During the last 12 months since November 2018 we visited 17 different groups and heard from over 200 local people.  We used these opportunities to find out more about how seldom heard groups experience our services and what they view as most important for us to focus on for local health and care.  Many of these visits were linked to the development of the Health & Care Plan, to hear local people’s priorities and issues; and then later in the year to feedback how what they said has influenced the Plan. 

Through closer working with Richmond CCG we can also use the insight from its community outreach to also inform our work.   

Find out more about some of the events we attended and who we spoke to:


Eat and speak with StaywellJuly 2018 but missed off website last year

An exercise programme followed by lunch was held with older people, most of whom lived in sheltered accommodation in Kingston.  We heard what they had to say about local health care services.   


Youth Conversation with Chessington Community College and Kingston Council – October 2018

Led by the young people, we found out about the issues that were important to them.  Speaking to them in small groups, we heard from 36 young people about health, antisocial behaviour and transport. 


Homelessness focus group with Kingston Churches Against Homelessness – March 2019

The aim of the focus group was to hear from people experiencing homelessness and mental health conditions and how they experienced local health care services, including barriers. 


Youth Outloud launch event with Healthwatch Kingston and Healthwatch Richmond – April 2019

Youth Outloud are a group of 13-17 year olds interested in how the local health system works and feed the views of young people to improve our services.  We discussed the start well priorities for the health and care plan. 


Parents focus group with Learn English at Home (LEAH) – May 2019

We heard the views of parents who did not speak English as their first language about how they experienced accessing local health care services, and discussed priorities for start well in the health and care plan.


Tamil elders empowerment group with Staywell – May 2019

We heard about some of the challenges this group face when accessing health care services, and asked for their views on the priorities identified for the health and care plan. 


Mental health support group with Kingston Carers – May & November 2019

We met with carers of people with mental health issues about their experiences of local health care services and asked for feedback the health and care plan. We then followed up on the health and care plan in November 2019.


Older people’s forum with Kingston pensioner’s forum – May 2019

The aim of the session was to hear from older people about their experiences of local health care services and what issues are most important to them, to inform the health and care plan.


Addressing self-harm and developing emotional resilience with children & young people - June & July 2019

We engaged with children, young people, parents and carers as well as teachers and schools to examine the root causes of self-harm and poor emotional wellbeing and to test potential solutions.  Running across south west London, we met with children and ran an online survey.  In Kingston we held focus groups with year 8 pupils at Tolworth Girls School in June and July.  Find out more about this work here.


Kingston & Richmond Children in care council – June 2019  

We met with young people who have experienced being in care to discuss and find out what their priorities and issues are around local health care services to inform the health and care plan.


Kingston Senior Living Network with Staywell  – October 2019

Older residents of Kingston met to discuss and feedback their experiences of local health care services and provided an update on the health & care plan.


Support group for ME with Kingston & Richmond ME group – October 2019

A support group for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome, we met with them to discuss and feedback back actions from our previous attendance.



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