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Community outreach

We regularly visit community groups and organisations to listen to people about their experiences of local services and give them the opportunity to shape future services. Through our outreach we have had meaningful conversations with local communities who do not always feel their voice is heard or face specific barriers to being involved in our work.

When considering the priority groups for our community outreach we use insight from equality and health inequality impact assessments and data from our borough’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)  particularly around health inequalities.

If you know of a group who would like to have their say on local health services, please get in touch at kingstonccg.engage@swlondon.nhs.uk

As part of the South West London Health and Care Partnership we work with Healthwatch Kingston to engage with local community groups through our grassroots outreach programme.

The programme allows organisations or community groups to apply for small grants to run an event or activities of their choice. We attend these sessions to speak to people we do not usually hear from about their experiences of local services and to allow them to help shape future service provision.

During 2016/17 we went to 15 events and spoke to more than 300 people. You can read more about what they said and the evaluation report.

If you run an organisation or community group who would be interested in taking part in this programme, you can find out more on the Healthwatch Kingston website.


Where have we been?

During 2017- 2018 we went to 12 events and spoke to over 250 people. We wanted to find out more about how seldom heard groups experience our services, as well as finding out more about what they think are the priorities for our local health and care plan and what people see as good quality primary care.

Through closer working with Richmond CCG we can use the insight from its community outreach to also inform our work.

Find out more about the events we attended and who we spoke to:

Health Day for Asylum Seekers and Refugees with Kingston Council and Refugee Action Kingston – July 2017

We worked together to find out about how being an asylum seeker or refugee can impact on someone’s health.

Homelessness Health Day with Kingston Council and Kingston Churches Against Homelessness – October 2017

The aim of the health day was the engage with the local homeless population to find out more about the specific difficulties they have in accessing health services and staying healthy.

RISE Christmas party – December 2017

The Christmas party was organised for people who are recovering from substance mis-use and mental health issues.

New Year New You Kingston Environment Centre – January 2018

At this event to celebrate the diverse population of the Kingston community, we listened to attendees’ experience of local health care services.

Kingston Churches against Homelessness – April 2018

We listened to a group of homeless adults talk about their experience of trying to register with a GP, getting appointments and using A&E.

Transition and Local Offer Fair TAG Youth Club – June 2018

People told us about their experience getting support for children with mild to moderate learning disabilities as they move from children to adult’s services.

Finding your voice - KCIL – July 2018

The aim of this workshop and conversation was to give people with disabilities the confidence to articulate their challenging personal health stories.

Exercise, eat and speak - Staywell– July 2018

This session for older people included chair based exercise followed by a lunch and a conversation with our team about health and social care.

BiFest – August 2018

A celebration of the bi community, with sessions, stalls and social space. We listened to the specific issues that the LGBT community experience in Kingston.

Neurodiversity in the artsFast Minds - August 2018

During this day, which celebrated the artistic endeavours of people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) we heard from people about the impact of ADHD and ASD on their quality of life including their health.

Freshers FairKingston University – September 2018

We had a conversation with 100 students about local healthcare services.

Cancer information eventKingston Hospital - October 2018

We attended this event along with patients who had come to the end of their cancer treatment to share advice on diet, exercise and emotional support needs. We listened to how they had experienced the health service during their treatment and gave out information on flu, antibiotics, NHS 111 and pharmacy services.

Sports Day - Staywell - October 2018

We went along to a community sports day for Tamil Elders. They told us what they thought about our health and care priorities.

True Access Youth Club - November 2018

We joined in with this fun youth club session with cooking a disco and a talent show. While we were there the young people told us about their experience of local health care services, especially the difficulties they sometimes experienced getting appointments.





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