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The Choice Framework, published by the Department of Health and Social Care, sets out the nine main types of choices that should be available to patients in the NHS. Some of these choices are legal rights, while some are subject to specific exceptions.

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Did you know that you have a choice about which hospital or clinic you go to when you are referred by your GP?

When you and your GP agree that you need further advice outside the practice, you have a choice about which hospital or clinic you use. You will also have a choice about the date and time of appointment.

The benefits of choice

You can choose to go to any hospital in England where your care is funded by the NHS. This includes NHS facilities and many private hospitals.

However, in Kingston most people choose a local facility.

How can I choose?

To help you choose there is information available on transport links, disabled access and visitor canteens and shops.

There are also performance scores for each hospital which rate standard of health services against government targets such as waiting lists, cleanliness and ward accommodation.

You can visit the NHS Choices website and select ‘compare hospitals’ and then ‘compare facilities’. You can then enter the postcode in the area you would like to be treated.

At the moment there are two areas of healthcare where the location of treatment is not subject to free choice – mental health services and maternity, or if you are attending a community based clinic that is not provided by a hospital. However, you are always free to talk to your GP if you feel the hospital you are being referred to is not right for you.

Does this apply to all health services?

You will have a choice of most services when being referred. However, there are some local services that are only provided in certain locations; for example, speech and language therapy, and physiotherapy.

What are the referral criteria?

When you are referred for a surgical intervention your GP will refer to criteria that apply to Kingston.


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